‘Man Cold’ Video Clip From Man Stroke Woman | How Men & Women Cope When Ill

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There won’t a man or woman alive watching this video who doesn’t recognise some of the behaviour on show here. It’s a fact that women cope better with minor illnesses than men.

The only difference between real life and and this video from comedy show Man Stroke Woman, is the ambulance arriving, and taking care of the guy with a cold.

The man on his “death bed” is actor Nick Frost, who has been in Shaun of the Dead, and Hot Fuzz, and he puts in a great performance as a guy too ill with the sniffles to do anything for himself.

I have actually taken to just accepting that men can’t cope as well as women, and these days, suffer from ‘Man Flu’, rather than the cold my girlfriend may have.

I suggest you do the same, because the sympathy you get is astounding… at least for the first few times.


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