Scary Effects of Smoking Videos | Convincing Anti-Smoking Commercials

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Here’s a compilation of those “Every Cigarette is Doing You Damage” ads. Some of these are gross and others are down right chilling!

If this doesn’t convince a smoker to quit, then I don’t know what will.

I don’t know why videos like this weren’t shown at my school. All we had were “smoking victims”; the people that “survived” years of smoking. What kind of motivation is it when you see someone who smoked for 20 years and lived?

The real reason behind my abstinence of smoking was due to my father. He used to smoke all the time until he started having detrimental lung issues.

Statistically speaking, there’s little doubt that at least one person in your family had or still has this disgusting habit, and it’s videos like this that help them realize it.


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