I’m a big big fan of martial arts movies. Not so much the Americanised ones, but the old Hong Kong style Jackie Chan films and Bruce Lee classics. So this video is like manna from heaven for me.

I felt like I was watching The Matrix in real life, with some of these stunts almost too amazing to be possible. Even Keanu Reeves would have struggled with some of them in his role as Neo in the movie trilogy.

Some of the flips and spins seem to defy gravity, and it’s important to remember that unlike the films, these guys aren’t using wires at all. One thing I know is that I don’t want to meet any of these people on a dark night.

Like a lot of the videos I watch online, it makes me want to take part and learn how to do what they’re doing. But as well as being a bit old, I just don’t I’m flexible enough.

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