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As sundown approached on the eve of Michael Jackson’s historic funeral the Jackson family members were seen arriving at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park In Burbank, California. U.S.A.

While potentially hundreds of millions of MJ fans worldwide will have their eyes on the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the private burial of the late King of Pop may be taking place at the Forest Lawn Cemetery away from the cameras.

Is the Private Burial Being Broadcast?

It is unknown if any part of the private burial will be televised or if any recorded coverage will be broadcast online. If there is any official coverage of the event, or even a public cell phone webcam it will be made available in our comprehensive library of online coverage.

Click here to watch it.

Michael Jackson’s Family Members at Forest Lawn Park

Above is a video clip from YouTube showing Michael Jackson’s family entering Forest Lawn Mortuary the night before the private funeral service and burial is expected to take place.

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