Midget Bullfighter Vid | Bull Gets Down and Dirty with Unwilling Midget

33 sec read

Certain people born with disabilities work their tails off to make up for their flaws. Then, just when they think they’ve done enough, the world screws them again, or more specifically a rampaging horny bull does it front of a stadium full of cheering fans.

It probably wasn’t easy for the little person in this clip to learn the skill of bullfighting. It was probably even harder for her to convince certain people she could do it, but she persevered and achieved her goal nevertheless. If only that damn bull would have cooperated.

Because it didn’t she is relegated to a comedy act that includes her being tossed to the ground and the bull dry-humping her while she’s down. Life is so unfair.

Then again she was probably planning on shoving a sword through that bull’s neck at the end of the fight, so maybe it’s poetic justice after all.


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