The Gillmor Gang is a video podcast where a bunch of tech journalists discuss the latest technology and gadgets. It might sound like the dullest thing ever, and sometimes it actually is, but not this week.

This week’s show saw Mike Arrington, founder of TechCrunch, upset Leo Laporte, founder of and host of the show, to the point that Laporte abruptly ended the show and called Arrington all the names under the sun.

The argument erupted when talk turned to the new Palm Pre smartphone, which has been getting a lot of positive attention of late. Laporte is a fan and Arrington wondered whether his appraisal of the phone was at all influenced by the free review unit he got sent. Arrington didn’t get one.

It’s at this insinuation that Laporte loses it and throws not only Arrington off the line but everyone else too. He ends by calling Arrington a troll, which in some respects he is. The two have since kissed and made up but next week’s show should be fun.

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