Mortal Kombat Singers Vid | Acapella Group Ambushes Kickboxers in Central Park

40 sec read

This clip begins with a couple of guys doing some kickboxing training in Central Park, which is a normal day for these guys probably. Everything gets weird, however, when a large group of dorks converge on them and form a nerd circle of death.

It’s reminiscent of that old Mad Max movie where Mel Gibson is enclosed in a cage and surrounded by a bunch of rabid fans chanting, “Two men enter, one man leaves.” Only these rabid fans don’t want blood. They just want to sing!

That’s right, girl. I said sing. What? O.K., so maybe they’re all gay, but it’s still funny considering the song they chose to improvise on is the theme song for everybody’s favorite childhood fighting game, Mortal Kombat.

It’s really not a bad rendition of it either. If I were I emasculated dork with a video game fetish I might even say that I kind of enjoyed their singing, but I’m not, so I didn’t and that’s that. The best part of the video is watching the kick boxer’s reaction.

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