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“Mythbusters” Goes Dutch Video | Phone Book Myth Put to the Test

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“Mythbusters” Goes Dutch Video | Phone Book Myth Put to the Test

In the Netherlands, aspiring science geeks were encouraged to submit home made myth-busting videos. Competition was fierce, with many lured by the promise of meeting the original Mythbusters in San Francisco.

But there could only be one winning entry. This is that video.

I must admit, I hadn’t heard of this myth before. It states that when two phone books are laid with their pages interlocking, they will fuse together, making it impossible to pull them apart.

Our Dutch Mythbusters Tim and Steve try every trick in the book (so to speak) to pull apart the phone books, with some surprising results.

I was so impressed by the way this video was put together, I think they’ve well and truly earned their prize.

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1 Comment

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