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MyVeZoom Video Search | Create Personalised Page, Scour Millions of Videos

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MyVeZoom Video Search | Create Personalised Page, Scour Millions of Videos

myveezoom-logo, the site that claims to host the world’s most comprehensive video search engine has launched a new string to its bow in the form of MyVeZoom.

The service is a customisable extension of the VeZoom search function, which constantly monitors over 18 million hours of online video featured in over 60 online channels – wowza!

Web surfers can organise their viewing experience easily by category, then VeeZoom will work its magic to find content related to your chosen interests. Topics range from the obvious such as news, sport and entertainment to pretty much any user-generated or professional content you can think of.

One of the best features of MyVeZoom is being able to create custom channels by keyword. All you have to do is type in a subject of interest (a place, person, animal, whatever you like) and the site will scour the Internet for video content related to it.

Despite all the promise, MyVeZoom’s early days don’t come completely niggle-free. Most annoyingly, due to the high volume of results searching can be painfully slow. In addition, the site’s channel editing is simplistic in comparison to the likes of similar projects such as Second Brain and Particls.

Nevertheless, considering the sheer wealth and quality of media available on MyVeZoom, the future looks bright.

[Visit MyVeZoom]

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