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New Hunger Games: Catching Fire Exclusive Teaser Trailer Out! (Video)

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New Hunger Games: Catching Fire Exclusive Teaser Trailer Out! (Video)

So The Hunger Games has just released their new teaser trailer and it looks ten times better than the first movie! So soon? They’re damn competitive and rightly so! They’re fan base is as rabid as the people in their movies.

With the kids all grown up Katniss and Peeta are dethroned from their respective victory riches since no evil parent government likes it when their should-be-dead children are more powerful and inspiring then them. They are then put back into the arena for the most climatic and menacing of the Hunger Games, known as the Quarter Quell.

Isn’t there a third book to this series? How will they beat this segment of the series with a B.A. cast like WOODY HARRELSON!? Of course, I about to find the unreleased version and enjoy it.

This trailer is just too good to pass such an opportunity up. Plus, it doesn’t come out till like November 22nd and I’m a little too impatient soooo….go watch it!!!

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