So this new Youtube internet icon PewDiePie has a new video out where he’s just answering some Q & A junk but it’s gotten like over a million views and the real question is WHY!? Is it because he’s obviously a foreigner? Is it because he’s supposedly good-looking? Are all his fans girls??? Probably.

He likes to make strange as crap noises along with absurd voices. Oh, let’s not FORGET he is a huge fan of the word BROS. Clearly a foreigner. And don’t worry, don’t worry, you can still vote batman.

e can make love to anything baby. A regular funny man with some Photoshop skills, he;s attracted millions of viewers by doing ridiculous things on the internet. Not a surprise. Anyone can make money off of Youtube videos nowadays. Maybe I should get into this business… it seems to be incredibly lucrative with the least amount of work!

Do you ever fangirl off on celebrities? We’re all friends right? Oh you bros. You need to learn to spell. Hilarious. Please. Really. Next question!!!

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