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NextWebStarNextWebStar is a video portal that allows anyone to share their talent with the world. The site aims to catapult individuals into entertainment careers by focusing solely on internet based talent contests.

The video portal, which launched mid-March of this year, spotlights three featured contests; Best Band, Best Dancer, and Best Actor.  Anyone can view the contestants, but to enter a contest, vote, or leave comments, you must be a member of the site. can be thought of like an evolving reality web TV series featuring wannabe celebrities and artists trying to break into fame.

Contestants can create a profile, network with others, and build a fan base. NextWebStar is hoping to leverage itself with some of the enormous popularity associated with online video and social networking.

Co-Founder, Doug Dosberg, says that "traditional methods of becoming a celebrity, have been broken down by online video.  We want to give our members a platform that will help them get discovered.



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