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HotelView | Videos of Hotels from around the Globe


HotelView | Videos of Hotels from around the Globe

HotelViewI just stumbled across HotelView, the world’s largest travel and tourism video library distribution network.

The site is packed with videos of various hotels from around the world. All the hotels in the library can be found by clicking on a world map to home in on your holiday destination.

Needs More Hotel Videos

While the site is packed with hotel videos it will only have a small sample from each destination. For example it only lists one hotel in Majorca where in fact Majorca is flooded with hotels. Here are just a few samples of all the hotels in Magaluf, Majorca.

HotelView could benefit from a more modern design and even more videos. Imagine a site which had videos of practically any hotel, even if the videos were just user submitted taking the style of Travelistic.

That would be a very useful resource indeed! At this time I think that Travelistic, the YouTube of travel videos, would be better placed to do such a thing given that it has a much larger community of about 1-2 millions estimated monthly users.

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