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Nirvana The Band The Show | Sitcom That Has Nothing To Do With The Real Nirvana

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Nirvana The Band The Show | Sitcom That Has Nothing To Do With The Real Nirvana

Nirvana The Band LogoNirvana The band The Show, yes, without any punctuation, is a new web based sitcom from Matt Johnson and Jay McCarrol.

So far, there have been four episodes completed, and uploaded to the various places the duo have chosen to make their show available from.

This includes a website dedicated solely to the show, a YouTube channel, and a channel on Stage6. All of the episodes are the same on all the sites, but the website seems to be updated most often with new episodes.

The show is about the lovable pair’s attempts at getting their act entitled Nirvana The Band booked. Obviously being a sitcom this doesn’t go altogether smoothly, which is where the comedy comes in to play.

The style is very much that of a mock documentary, which reminded me of The Office, although without the plays to the camera.

The First Episode – The Beginning

In case you hadn’t already realised, the show has nothing to do with the band Nirvana, indeed some of the comedy is derived from the fact that the duo don’t seem to realise the name has been used before.

It’s a brilliantly conceived and quite professionally made little sitcom, which deserves a viewing. With the promise of at least five episodes, and hopefully more, you should give it a go.

[Nirvana The Band The Show]

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