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And there was me thinking the Republican party could sink no lower. But they’ve proved they can by one of their number interrupting President Obama’s healthcare speech to Congress by shouting out, “Liar”.

Life is tough for the President of the United States, especially one who is trying to push through much needed reforms and improve the lives of everyone in the country.

Just a day after giving a speech to schoolchildren across the States, which was boycotted by right wing parents who felt it was socialist indoctrination, Obama gave a speech to Congress on his government’s healthcare reforms.

This isn’t the full video, though I’m sure that’ll turn up soon, instead showing the moment that Obama is branded a liar for stating that illegal immigrants won’t be given free healthcare.

Whether you believe the President or not on this point, surely shouting out liar during an event of this magnitude is better suited to a school playground. And the GOP wonder why they are losing support.

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