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Obama Inauguration Speech | Welcome the New U.S. President

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Obama Inauguration Speech | Welcome the New U.S. President

Obama Inauguration Speech Part 1

Obama Inauguration Speech Part 2

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Barack Obama has officially been sworn in as the 44th President Of The United States, and the first black person to ever hold the office. His inauguration speech is therefore a very important moment in history.

These two YouTube videos show Obama’s presidential inaugural address in full from CNN, and it’s a speech that everyone should watch. Bush has gone, and Obama now runs America. And I’m sure I’m not alone in welcoming that change wholeheartedly.

Over two million people are estimated to have traveled to Washington to see Obama’s inauguration. They came from far and wide, all around America and beyond. And all to hear one man’s words.

Obama’s speech was also broadcast around the world on TV stations and on the Internet via online video. It’s not over the top to suggest that this is the biggest event to have ever happened to Web television.

Obama gave a speech that was inclusive and welcoming. He extended the hand of friendship to all countries, all races, and all faiths. And he seems to want to get America back to where it belongs – the leader of the free world.

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