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Lots of spoof web series seem to be popping up lately. Here we have another promising one called ‘Ocean’s 7-11′ which obviously parodies the whole Ocean’s movie trilogy.

No, George Clooney and Brad Pitt aren’t in this one, but their replacements are just as good. Well, sort of.


Thief Clooney Ocean has a lot of “jobs” under his belt. In other words, he’s robbed more than one local video store. But he and his partner Dusty Bryant (the Brad Pitt rip-off) are ready for bigger things- like hitting up gas stations.

Producers Tim Calandrello and Heath Centazzo call their mission “One Damn Percent.” Like the Ocean gang, the duo got their name from calculated research. In just a couple of years time, the viral ad market will reach $4 Billion. “One Damn Percent” of that is $40 million.

Ocean’s 7-11: Episode 1

This is the first webisode of the 8-part series. It starts off a tad slow, but who knows? The series might turn out to be good as long as “Dusty” there keeps doing his spot-on impression of Brad Pitt.

[Watch ‘Ocean’s 7-11′ Here]

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