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Old Barbies Become Art | Dolls Recycled Into Masterpieces

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Old Barbies Become Art | Dolls Recycled Into Masterpieces

No matter what side of the fence you sit on when it comes to the great Barbie debate (is she merely a childhood doll or is she the unattainable female protégé); nearly every person of every age can appreciate this new approach to Barbie as a form of art.

Barbie made a new debut at a recent Altered Barbie recycled art show that took place in San Francisco.

Through the incorporation of Barbie into a recycled art object, the unique show celebrated the diversity of viewpoints surrounding the controversial doll, including personal image awareness and stereotypical gender rolls in society.

The Altered Barbie show featured over 75 artists and their work, which ranged from a Barbie replication of The Last Supper, to a floor-to-ceiling George Washington Barbie picture from the Goatee Nation Project.

More glimpses from the show are going to be posted weekly at on

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