Posted in: Awesome Videos to Watch Now, Documentaries, Educational, News, News Videos & TV, Sports and War TV & Videos by Dave Parrack on August 11, 2008

With the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games currently taking place in China, it’s interesting to look back at other Olympic Games of historical importance.

There can be none that fits that bill quite so well as Berlin 1936. This was of course just three years before the outbreak of World War 2, and the Nazis were already in power.

This is a Nazi propaganda film from that time, which tries to show Berlin as a pleasant and forward-thinking city. It makes for bizarre viewing in hindsight of what happened there not long after.

The enduring fact I have of the 1936 Summer Olympics is that in spite of only members of the so-called Aryan race being allowed to compete for Germany, Jesse Owens won big, and he was an African-American.

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