Paris Hilton Goes to Jail in “Stars Are Blind” Remix Video

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Can’t get enough poking fun of Paris Hilton?

Known for making the headlines because of her outlandish and brandish behavior. Even better known for her home videos than her outstanding film career, this heiress added the cherry to the top of her paparazzi sundae with her recent shenanigan of going to jail, getting out, and quickly going back.

Now, Paris news is in more demand than ever, and it appears the Paris jokes will just keep coming.

Paris added “one hit wonder” to her resume when she released the “Stars Are Blind” song in 2006 (although I personally wondered who was listening to this crap).

We get to relive some of Paris’ greatest moments, including her most recent endeavor of playing inmate, outmate in jail, while listening to her chart-topping, mind blowing one hit wonder, but I vote the new title be “You can’t do that to me, I’m rich!”

Just have to say Thanks Paris, for keeping us laughing.


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