5 Paris Hilton Jail Videos | 23 Days Behind Bars

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Paris HiltonIt seems as though lately, we hear more about Paris Hilton than we do about George Bush–and that’s a hard feat! To add on to the Paris Hilton pool of gossip, I’ve put together a few of my favorite jail-related videos to share with you all.

Don’t be a Paris hater . . . instead, make fun of her. You’ll feel better and get to laugh at the same time.

Paris Hilton’s Post-Jail Interview Inaccuracies

As featured on the David Letterman show, this is Inaccuracies in the Paris Hilton Interview. This video is absolutely insane. As Paris talks about her life, jail, and other news, watch the counter–she contradicts herself over a dozen times! Funny and informing–this video rocks.

Paris in Jail Music Video

This video is side-splittingly funny. All the ingredients are there: a Paris look-alike, witty lyrics, and cheesy music video special effects. Enjoy.

Craig Ferguson on Paris in Jail

Craig’s got some good points. Paris does need to buff up a little . . . and Craig’s sexy accent makes this video doubly worth watching.

Paris Hilton Jail Diaries

Day four of the popular web series. If Paris did keep a journal during her stay in jail, I have a feeling it would read much like this . . .

Paris Hilton’s Jail Sentence is Too Much for Fan

Listen . . . when Paris Hilton’s return to jail is announced, a man off camera loses it. He must really love some Paris Hilton.


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