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The Gaia Film Festival Videos | Online Teen Hangout’s First Festival


The Gaia Film Festival Videos | Online Teen Hangout’s First Festival

Gaia Online

Gaia Online has been around since 2003 and is a self-proclaimed “teen hangout” on the web. At Gaia Online, teens can watch videos, make virtual friends, participate in discussions, and play games.

Last month, Gaia Online invited its users to submit videos about their life on Gaia to compete in Gaia’s first film festival. All videos had to be at least two minutes in length and include Gaia Online in some way. There were over one thousand entries in a ten-day period, and the winners have been selected.

A Mix of Talent and Genre

A real mix of genres are showcased in these amateur films and you can watch the winning entries in the Gaia Cinemas. The winners were judged in two categories: “My Film is Awful” and “My Film is Awesome.”

The Gaia Cinemas also have a quirky feature where the films start every five minutes or so and you jump into the virtual cinema with other Gaia members to watch the movie together. No-one likes going to the cinema alone!

Although the shows are free to watch you do have to register with the site first – a bit of a pain if you ask me.

Besides showcasing the winning entries, the film festival also features the first screening of the Gaia Online documentary. This documentary gives viewers an inside look at the creation of Gaia Online, complete with interviews.

[The Gaia Film Festival Winners]

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