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Pelvic Powerlifting Video at the Sex Oympics

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Pelvic Powerlifting Video at the Sex Oympics

There is a very inspirational story behind this clip of the amazing, Mosienko, pelvic power-lifting champion. It all began with a young Ukrainian boy who had an unusually weak sphincter.

His journey to penile greatness began with a trip to the doctor as a child. His parents became distraught over his bladder control problems, and sought help from an urologist to find out if his problem was something of physical nature.

To theirs and young Mosienko’s surprise the urologist had a very simple solution that involved a controversial form of sphincter strengthening.

It was painful for the young man, but it turned out to be well worth it. Weeks went by and soon Mosienko’s bed wetting problem was cured, but he never stopped doing his exercises.

Before long he was using his newfound strength to do amazing things like walking the dog while reading the newspaper or pulling a lame horse out of the mud all while shucking an ear of corn. Now look at him. What an athlete.

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