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Rich Pretty Girl | Rocketboom minus the brains with some extra breasts

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Rich Pretty Girl | Rocketboom minus the brains with some extra breasts

Rich Pretty Girl

The minute I started watching my ears hurt. This girl has one annoying voice, but the fact that she was wearing some slutty clothes kept me watching. Now I’m sat here wondering what the hell is this?

Think of RocketBoom, the news show that was hosted by the talented, good looking and smart Amanda Congdon (until she left). Take that then make the host dress in some slutty clothing, take away the smart, add an annoying voice, and talk about random subjects. Now you have Rich Pretty Girl.

In the latest episode she’s telling you all about Oil drilling, it’s a bit random and it’s kind of like a school lesson but it kind of works. is supposed to be a bit tongue in cheek and classes itself as a comedy show, and it is kind of funny. Joy, the star of the show, states she’s trying to entertain men. Well that made me laugh!

I’m not sure if I was entertained by or not, but I can’t think of many shows where the host is wearing stockings and silky nightwear while talking about the Oil business.

Click here for the latest episode of Rich Pretty Girl

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