Ricky Gervais On The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Video | The Two Funniest Men Alive?

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The Daily Show is fantastic television, and all because of one man – Jon Stewart. He’s witty, and intelligent, and erudite. I just wish he was British and the show was broadcast more regularly in the UK.

Then there is Ricky Gervais, a man whose mind seems to work on a different level than the rest of us. He’s also witty, intelligent, and erudite. And best of all, he IS British. Put them in the same room and sparks fly.

It’s a good job these two funny men get on because it makes for brilliant television. If they were at each other’s throats, it would also be brilliant television but for different reasons entirely.

The biggest strength both have is their willingness to say anything. Whatever is on their mind, be it politically incorrect, anti-religious, or politically biased, they don’t care, and will say it anyway.

The two funniest men on the planet? Possibly, but certainly two of the most watchable.


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