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Romance Novel TV – Television for romance novel enthusiasts


Romance Novel TV – Television for romance novel enthusiasts

Romance Novel TVRomance Novel TV ( launched last week in time for Valentine’s Day bringing programming about your favorite Romance Novels.

If you’re a romance fanatic and can’t keep yourself away from a passionate love story then Romance Novel TV will keep you in touch with the new Romance novels that are just hitting the shelves. This unique TV Channel also gives you chance to meet the faces behind the books.

Maria Lokken, the president of Romance Novel TV says: “I am a big fan of romance novels and I was always curious about the authors’ lives and what inspires them.

Romance Novel TV is packed with interviews with famous best-selling romance authors including Nora Roberts, Christina Dodd, Eloisa James, Mary Jo Putney and JR Ward. The authors are interviewed in a relax living room setting and talk about everything including their books, movie stars, shopping and what love means to them.

Here is a video interview with Cathy Maxwell taken from Romance Novel TV

Watch more Romance Novel TV here.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

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