So they’ve done it again! Google has bought an idea from a genius who decided to make glasses that are virtually a smartphone. With glasses like these I hold firm my belief this dude is like the real life Tony Stark. We’ve truly reached the New Digital Age.

Google with their fancy naming abilities (you know I’m joking right?) has given them the label: Google Glass. For those who don’t know, they’re wearable sunglasses that overlay digital information in the physical world AKA videos, pictures, weather, music, even apps. It’s a phone. No other way to describe it.

Something really creepy that the Google Chairman Eric Schmidt had recently said was that this is just the start of how computers and technology will connect to our bodies. What do you mean Doctor!?

In his new book “The New Digital Age,” he talks about everything from connected pills to medical monitoring. Thank God he clarified that Google isn’t actually investing in these ideas. But whose to say they wont in the future???

Terminator is not just a fantasy/sci-fi movie. That script-writer was some kinda prophet.

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