Not too long ago a video surfaced where some people thought they found hidden WALL-Es in older Pixar movies. Now an even older urban legend has been made public in this clip.

Are there really hidden sex references in Disney movies? You be the judge.

I’m not saying I don’t see what could be sex references, I’m just saying that most of these look unintentional. The “boner” found in The Little Mermaid for example, could easily just be a protruding knee. And the “sex” spelled out in The Lion King might even be “SFX” as in “special effects.”

Others, though, are inexcusable. Although it’s censored with white in the picture, there is a picture of a topless woman in The Rescuers and a penis on the cover of The Little Mermaid.

Maybe someone should sue Disney for turning them gay through subliminal messages.

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