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According to Nintendo, Wii Sports has knocked off Super Mario Bros as the highest selling game in the world. And for that reason, they have come up with a sequel: Wii Sports Resort.

The above clip is taken from the 2008 E3 conference where jet-skiing, frisbee throwing, and sword fighting aspects of the game can be seen.

It looks like the days of kids playing outside are finally over; or at least the dangerous habit of using brooms as swords. The Wii Motion Plus technology has really improved the tiny details of gameplay, but what about the graphics?

Sure, Wii Sport “out-sold” Mario Bros, but that was only because it came automatically bundled with the Wii. So of course 45 million Wiis sold would translate to the highest “selling” game ever. If Nintendo intends to sell the Wii Sports Resort as a game itself, I think they better at least improve the graphics.

Some emoticons have more personality than those in-game characters.

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