I think we can all agree, It’s a baby sitter’s job not to harm a child. But what this 16 year old teen does with a baby in his care is shocking. Not only because he did it, but because he had his friend record the abuse and post it on YouTube.

Usually when a baby sitter is caught abusing a child, it’s because the parents have a nanny cam. These boys, on the other hand, were charged by their YouTube video they posted. One count for the violence, and another for recording it.

I’m even more angry at the kid with the camera for posting the video on YouTube than the actual abuser. It’s one thing to unexpectedly catch a crime on camera, but it’s another to show it off. Had the baby broken it’s neck, this would have made national news.

As a Georgia resident myself, I have to say I’m ashamed of this behavior. When I have kids I’ll be sure to install a nanny cam. Who knows what other acts of abuse they put this child that they didn’t record.

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