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Shocking Maury Video | Love Really Is Blind!

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Shocking Maury Video | Love Really Is Blind!

Here on Web TV Hub we’ve seen Maury Povich poke fun of the phobias of crazy cotton lady and freaky peaches man. But the talk show king’s specialty is revealing the results of paternity tests.

The folks in this video probably don’t need a paternity test. Elona and Richard are incredibly white, and their baby Nathan is quite clearly black. But sweet Richard trusts his wife completely and has never thought to question Nathan’s paternity.

Elona admits she had an affair with an African-American man, sending poor Richard into hysterics. More blubbering follows when he learns he’s not little Nathan’s daddy. We all saw this coming … well, everyone but Richard.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry here. Sure, it’s terrible that poor Richard’s a weeping mess, but could he really have been so blind?

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