Squirrel Mission Impossible Video | Squirrel Shows Amazing Skills

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Television adverts used to be so much better than they are now. Okay, the technical side and special effects has got better in recent years but for humour and clever scripting, you have to back in time.

This is one such advert, showing a squirrel participating in a sort of mission impossible type assault course, just to get a few nuts.

I love this clip, from the first close-up of the squirrel right through to the owls delivering the punchline to the whole thing.

The thing is, those squirrels are pesky little things, and you need this type of obstacle course to prevent them, or at least make them work for their food.

If you chuck any food out for the birds, you just know a squirrel will get there first.

The music is perfect for this advert, and it even fits in at the right moments as the squirrel makes the biggest leaps or most daring maneuvers.

I’m not saying all adverts are crap these days but this video just reminds me of a simpler, funnier time when an advert could incite laughter. That rarely happens these days!

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