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Stage6 Logo

It’s Stage6 Day here on Web TV Wire and Web TV Hub (23/04/07). Learn more…

The transition from Stage6 alpha to Stage6 beta has come bundled with a completely new design and a host of new features. Check out the visual comparison of Stage 6 alpha to Stage 6 beta below:

Stage6 Alpha Beta compared

The beta release brings the following new features:

  • Better Tagging: Search tags within tags to filter out the junk and find good content
  • Better Recommendation Engine: Find new video content based on your tastes
  • Real-Time Tools: See the latest community activity in real-time with the “Now” feature for a snapshot of the site at a specific moment in time
  • Better Content Sorting: Find “hot” content with buzz, not just “most viewed” clips
  • Better Customization: Use our sophisticated channel customization tools to capture the essence of your content brand and deliver the experience you want to your viewers
  • Better Navigation: Sort and organize videos more easily with drag and drop “video groups”
  • Better Interactivity: Engage with the community using improved community tools like “watch alerts” and tag moderation

Want to learn more. Read the Stage 6 review.

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