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Stunts on a BikeRecently, I watched a show performed by Canadian artistes, Cirque du Soleil . As I was watching (admittedly, through the gaps between my fingers as I covered my face) I wondered what would happen if any of their aerial stunts were to go wrong. Yes, I’m a bit of a fatalist. All the same, it got me thinking. I decided to try and get hold of some stunts that went bad.

As would be expected, some of them are graphic, so this may not be for you if you’re the queasy type.

Stunt Video – Man Sets Himself on Fire

Gruesome video of a man who set himself on fire. The commentary and perky Jerry Lee Lewis soundtrack do little to relieve the horror of this video.

Stunt Video – Fatal Motorbike Stunt

A motorbike stunt that seems to have been performed by professionals and makes you wonder what the point of the safety net was. The stuntman succumbed to the injuries from this stunt.

Stunt Video – Failed Motorbike Wheelie Nearly Injures Rider

This is another motorbike stunt. It seemed like the stuntman’s friends were more concerned about catching the moment on tape rather than checking if their friend was okay.

Stunt Video – Crazy Kid’s Painful Attempt to Jump over Escalator

Here we have a guy jumping off an escalator, as a stunt. I’m not entirely sure what he was trying to do, but I don’t think he was planning on losing his teeth.

Stunt Video – High School Cheerleading Routine Takes a Tumble

In women’s sports, more than 50% of the accidents that are life-threatening or cause paralysis, occur during cheerleading activities. While the mini-skirts are cute, but the greasy spot on the concrete is not.

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