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5Min – Instructional How To Videos | Learn & Share Skills


5Min – Instructional How To Videos | Learn & Share Skills


5Min launched back in May as a YouTube-esque site with a practical and instructional twist. Users are encouraged to upload ‘How To’ videos in a number of categories and each must last no longer than 5 minutes.

Videos are sorted into a number of categories from arts to business, health and music. Viewers can learn anything from how to tie a tie, beat box or how to change an iPod’s battery.

5Min isn’t the only of its kind on the web – we’ve already seen 3 “How-To” video sites before, but what’s nice about it is how easy it makes creating your own videos. Simple tools allow users to include freeze frames, slow motion and even add subtitles.

Searching the Internet for a direct answer to a question is often a laborious task; 5Min aims to minimize the hassle in a quick, simple and (hopefully) entertaining way.

It is still a tiny minnow in comparison to YouTube, but we certainly like 5min’s style. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to learn some yoga exercises.

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