SUV Accident Video | Guy Smashes New Jeep

41 sec read

From the moment you hit play, you know this video will end badly. But it’s not the driver’s fault. Not really. Something strange happens when a man gets behind the wheel of an SUV.

Testosterone surges through his veins. His heart pumps a little faster, spurred on by a heady mix of adrenalin and bravado. He becomes a little more macho, a little more arrogant. He’s convinced he can do anything and will mock anyone who tells him differently.

And so we find the driver of this red Jeep convinced he can scale an incredibly steep rock. His equally ambitious friends coach him, but their support can’t save our hero, or his beloved Jeep, from their fate.

We all predicted the ending, but it’s still delightful to see the car become vertical before flipping on its roof.

– The different models of cars are manufactured by different car brands.
Acura – the very luxurious and stylish vehicle
Renault – the word-wide famous automobile company with innovative productivity.
Audi – well-reputed and well-designed car brand with unique features.
Ferrari a luxurious styled sports car model with highly expensive price packages.


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