The Bachelor’s Chris Soules 911 Recording Obtained

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E! News obtained the recording of Chris Soules’ 911 call, according to reports from Wednesday. The star of The Bachelor left the scene of an accident that killed victim Kenneth Mosher. The recording was made prior to 911 respondents being called to the scene.

The tapes, according to E! News, are from a call he made to the local police department.

Soules can be heard breathing heavily in the tape and stating that Mosher appeared to not be breathing. When he is heard speaking to the operator at the beginning of the call, he states “there’s no address.” The operator asks Chris if he knows CPR, and he replies “no I don’t.”

The operator continues to keep Soules on the line, asking “is there somebody with you?” He responds by stating that there are people there.

The patient operator tells Soules that they can walk him through the CPR procedure before he shouts “there’s blood.” The blood was coming out of the victim’s mouth and he was alive at the time, according to the recording.

Soules was told to check the victim’s pulse, stating that “yeah, he’s got a pulse.” The distraught celebrity was then asked to check if the victim was breathing before he asked the operator if they were on their way and hung up the phone.

Mosher was pronounced dead when he arrived at the hospital.

Soules made the fatal mistake of leaving the scene of the accident and was later booked by police at 1:16 am on Tuesday. Soules was also accused of refusing to leave his house until police officers obtained a warrant. Soules was bailed out of jail for $10,000 by his mother.

The accident occurred around 8:20 pm on Monday night, with Soules reportedly rear-ending the tractor trailer that Mosher was driving. The accident pushed Mosher’s tractor trailer into a ditch.

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