The Cove Movie Trailer Video | Ric O’Barry Pic Wins 2010 Oscar For Best Documentary

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This is the video trailer for The Cove, a full-length documentary film which won the 2010 Oscar for ‘Best Documentary’ at the Academy Awards.

The Cove tells the story of efforts to expose and halt the hunting and supposed slaughter of dolphins in the coastal Japanese town of Taiji. And it’s a powerful real-life drama sure to invoke an emotional response.

This won’t be a popular opinion but I think the outrage by westerners over the way Japanese fishermen are killing whales and dolphins is hypocrisy.

Forgive me if I’m mistaken but doesn’t every country slaughter millions of animals every year for food? Is a dolphin really that much different, and more worthy of having its life protected, than a sheep or a cow? Why?

Until everyone becomes vegetarian I think it stinks that certain countries are picked on for their traditional practices that have been going on for years. Because all the while we’re shoveling chickens and every other kind of meaty animal into our mouths we’re huge hypocrites.


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