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The Fourth Kind is a new movie in theaters now. It is based on true events although a great deal of poetic license has clearly been taken in order to turn what is a strange story about people going missing into a story of multiple alien abductions.

The story of The Fourth Kind is set in Nome, Alaska, a real town which has experienced an extraordinary number of residents going missing since the 1960s.

However, whether these are as a result of alien abductions or not is a matter of opinion. The official line is that most can be explained away by the combination of freezing temperatures and the consumption of alcohol.

Milla Jovavich plays the (supposed) real life character of Dr. Abigail Tyler, who appears in what is touted as documentary footage interspersed into the film.

I am at least intrigued enough to go and see The Fourth Kind. Which is, I guess, the whole point of the viral marketing campaign.

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