Posted in: Action Videos, Awesome Videos to Watch Now, Movies and Video On Demand by Dave Parrack on December 20, 2008

The Tales Of Despereaux is the latest animated feature film to be released at the cinema, and this one features Emma Watson, Hermione from Harry Potter as Princess Pea… no typecasting then!

The movie, of which this is the trailer, also stars Matthew Broderick, Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Kline, and Sigourney Weaver. It’s based on a book of the same name by Kate DiCamillo.

The Tales Of Despereaux is one of the best looking animated films I’ve ever seen, rivaling Shrek and The Polar Express. Thankfully, the plot and humor are also present to compliment the animation.

It’s bizarre to hear Emma Watson providing the voice for anyone other than Hermione Grainger as she is that character. But with the Harry Potter series coming towards an end I suppose we’ll just have to get used to it.

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