Train Vs. Tornado Video | Man Vs. Nature

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What happens when a massive and very heavy train comes face-to-face with a tornado? It certainly isn’t pretty, as this video shows.

This incident is meant to have happened on the Union Pacific railroad a couple of years ago. Before hitting the train, the tornado had left a trail of destruction in its wake, uprooting trees and doing what any good tornado does.

And then, as we can see all too clearly, the train submits defeat as well. Some of the trucks are derailed, while those behind maintain their momentum until they hit a solid object, which happens to be the locomotive.

Although this is billed as Train Vs. Tornado, it could also be billed as Mankind Vs. Nature, and on that score, Nature wins out. It’s a pretty shocking reminder that whatever we achieve as a race, nature can still kick our asses from time to time.


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