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Transformer: Revenge Of The Fallen is now out in cinemas everywhere. But is it worth going to see? This guy, giving a review for CNN iReport thinks so, whereas I do not. This is one movie that splits opinion right down the middle.

I loved the first Transformers movie – it was a visual feast, it had elements of comedy in it, and it was characters from my childhood being brought to life in a quite spectacular fashion. I saw it at the cinema and also own the DVD.

But this new sequel, Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, or Transformers 2 if you prefer, is really not great. The amount of action has been increased massively, and the number of robots fighting is pretty awesome, but it’s all at the expense of any conceivable storyline.

It’s all just too much. The fight scene are overlong and get a little boring by the end if I’m honest. Some people will love the direction Michael Bay took with this movie, but I for one am not pleased. Let’s hope a new director is found for the third movie.

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