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Truveo Challenges YouTube With New Site Design Launch


Truveo Challenges YouTube With New Site Design Launch


After being bought by AOL in late 2005, Truveo was the reigning king of video search engines, but the rise of other commercial sites (not to mention YouTube) saw its share of the market drop considerably.

To combat this, Truveo is launching a revamped version of its site today, hoping to draw people just like you back to its pages. The re-design promises to be less cluttered and better organised in order to provide more efficient searches.

Despite the perception, YouTube isn’t the ‘be all and end all’ of online video. Truveo and many other sites offer to scour content (particularly from television networks) that you just won’t find anywhere else on the internet, so now could be a good time to broaden your horizons.

Other improvements to Truveo include ‘favourites’ and ‘recommendations’ options that link seamlessly to users’ AOL accounts. However, rumour has it that due to an annoying ‘We’re taking you to your video’ screen, accessing media takes a few seconds longer than it used to.

No biggie really, but bound to grate on the minds of highly-strung web surfers.

Truveo’s new look hasn’t been unveiled at the time of writing this, but we’re hopeful that its overhaul will improve its services for all concerned.

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