Laura Williams Big Brother 8 Video | Laura & Seany Test Brian’s Intelligence

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Laura is long gone out of the Big Brother 8 house, but I doubt her lifestyle has changed much now she’s been evicted.

While in the house she was lazy and greedy, prompting Jonathan to refer to her as “a buffalo wearing a wig.” Nasty yes, but accurate, well yes actually.

Laura was the Big Brother house mate who looked like a cross between comedian Peter Kay and Little Britain character Vicky Pollard.

As soon as Seany entered the house, the pair seemed to hit it off, and this video sums up their relationship perfectly.

They wind Brian up about living conditions n their home countries of Wales and Ireland, testing Brian’s intelligence and common sense. It turns out he has little of either.

The best moment is when Brian asks if Tony Blair could help, and Seany responds that he’s a bit busy, what with Iraq and stuff. Excellent stuff.

Brian will probably win this year’s Big Brother, but he’ll never win an intelligence award, or become a member of Mensa.

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