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UFO Flying in Haiti Video | Is This Evidence Of Aliens?

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UFO Flying in Haiti Video | Is This Evidence Of Aliens?

I believe in aliens and the paranormal. There, I’ve said it, yes call me nuts if you want to, but I believe the chance of Earth being the only planet which can support life is harder to believe than little grey men.

So, this video astounded me when I first saw it, and I am veering towards thinking it’s real, although I accept there’s plenty of people out there who will straight away think “Fake!”

This UFO video clip is reported to have been filmed in Haiti on the evening of August 6th 2007, and I have no reason to see why someone would lie about it.

Even if it is fake, it’s a very well done one, as I can’t see the joins, so to speak. There’s none of the give away signs of it being a cleverly edited spoof video.

Do you believe this is real? And if so, what does it mean for humanity? Even being a believer I have to ask the obvious question which is brought out by all sceptics when they see footage such as this.

Why don’t UFOs or aliens ever land in a populated area, or during a globally televised event? If it happened during the World Cup Final, or the American Super Bowl, then there’d be no doubts in anyone’s minds.

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  1. Evan

    August 17, 2007 at 8:16 am

    If you really believe this is real then you obviously haven’t been keeping an eye on the current state of visual effects software. For about 1000$ (or free if you find it as a torrent) you can get CGI and compositing programs that could make just ab out anything you want look “real”. CG has advanced to the point where you can’t see the lines anymore and lately the style has been to incorporate high-end CG effects into lo-fi video to make the realism seem all the more immediate and the low quality of the video helps to further disguise the detail in the CG effect. Sorry you feel for this one but if it was this easy be prepared to fall for a lot more. This was probably some Visual Effects student’s year end project and I can only imagine that as the software gets better and cheaper we’ll be seeing a lot more like this.

  2. DaveP

    August 17, 2007 at 1:32 pm

    Thanks for commenting Evan. Maybe I am stupid for believing it then, but without having knowledge of the CGI programs, I fell for it.

    I agree that if it’s this easy and cheap to do there will be more and more fake videos of this sort flying around. I just hope the student got an A!

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