Ultra Slow Motion Video | Water Balloon Popped in High Definition

37 sec read

This is an amazing video showing what happens when you slow a high resolution camera down. Everything comes to life, even simple water molecules floating down to the ground.

When the presenter pops the balloon the first time through, with us watching at normal speed, it’s nothing special, just a simple pop and splash.

But the next time we watch it, nature comes to life, with us being able to see the point of contact in incredible detail.

I’ve never seen water look so beautiful as it does in this clip, with each droplet looking stunning as it keeps it shape while it falls to earth.

The camera is slowed down by 80 times to give us this incredible insight in to the beauty of nature.

What this Metacafe video made me want to do was watch other seemingly normal things being filmed and replayed at ultra slow motion.

Can you imagine how a bullet would look shooting from a gun? It would be ‘The Matrix’ in real time. Can someone please do this, I beg you!


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