Watch Are We Becoming Social Media Zombies? TYT ‘At the Bar’ Video

28 sec read

“Is Einstein’s fear that world will one day have a generation of idiots finally coming true?”

“Even though there are large benefits to everybody having a smartphone, is it actually causing more harm than good?

“Does social media obsession threaten to turn people into zombies? Is there a chance we’re entering a new way of interaction that isn’t actually bad for our health?

“Will children growing up today ever get to experience relating to people like children of the past? Are selfies narcissistic or just some harmless fun?

“In this latest episode of “At the Bar,” sponsored by Live Oak Bank (, Sam Schacher of Pop Trigger assumes bar tending responsibilities and guides this discussion with “patrons” Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks and John Iadarola of TYT University.”

– YT


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