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Time to go swimming in a lake by a cabin before you lose your virginity!

“f you see a dude in an old-school hockey mask chasing a werewolf (or vice versa) on Friday, here’s why: Friday the 13th coincides with a full moon. Hide your kids.

“That said, only those living in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America — and those in the Eastern Time Zone — experienced the full moon on June 13.

“The full moon showed up at 12:11 a.m. ET, so anyone in time zone west of EDT saw the silver-dollar moon the day before, on June 12.

“Friday the 13th hasn’t fallen on the same day as a full Moon since Oct. 13, 2000, and it won’t happen again until Aug. 13, 2049 — at least, if we’re following Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), which is four hours ahead of EDT.”

- Mashable

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