Watch Buzzfeed Uses Black People To Stereotype Black People TYT News Video

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“Along with being so remarkably tone-deaf that its tone-deafness felt intentional, BuzzFeed’s now infamous “27 Questions Black People Have for Black People” actually raised more questions than it answered.

“Namely, who green-lit this? Were the people in the video actors reading from a script? Or did they come up with their own questions?

“And where do they find these types of anti-black black people in 2016? Living Social? In line at Qdoba? Working at Qdoba? Google Plus?

“And if they’re not found, where are they made? Where is this “I’m Just Not That Into Other Black People” factory located?

“Also, of the 27 questions—which vacillated from “Eh” to “Are you f–king kidding me?”—which was the least terrible? And the most terrible?”

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