Oh this is too much! You wanna see a lip sync show down between two of cheasiest mofos ever? Well, they’re comedians so go with it and enjoy some wholesome fun. Plus, John Krasinski does a mean Katy Perry!

As everyone claps and John starts stripping down to his skivies, (I almost thought he was gonna go all the way to his boxers!) Jimmy Fallon can’t even stop the knee slapping in the background. But wait, this is making fun of 8 mile right? That must be why Jimmy felt the need to rap. Oh wigga please.

“That was more beautiful than the last one!” Say what Krasinski? You took it old school!? He just won with the Run MC right there. All because, he dropped his mic. Those break very easily by the way. Take it easy on the improv Eminem.

So one last message while you try and get that last Bridget Jones Soundtrack hit out of your mind, yeah, there’s only two episodes left before The Office gets taken off but they had a good run right? And besides, at least you know they’ll still be featured in hit comedies. This won’t be the last you’ll see of that strapping stripper!

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